Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Two posts in one day!  Crazy you say! Well yes, yes it is.  In fact you may see two posts a day for the next few days (hopefully) where I catch you up on the past 6 months of my baby boy's life.

Let's jump right into three things Thursday!

1.  The hubby and I are obsessed with pizza lately.  I know that being a new mommy can be exhausting and some days- usually Friday- I just am too tired and frazzled to cook.  Enter Rocco's pizza.  It's a local place and I have no idea how we stumbled upon it but boy am I glad we did.  Their pizza is divine.  They are a  tiny hole in the wall carry out only place but they have been around for 30 years.  That says they are doing it right.  The pizza is thin and has the most delicious sauce.  We always order a large with sliced tomatoes and we can usually eat all but 2 or 3 pieces!  We are gluttons.  The best part about the pizza?  It only costs $8.50. Holy cow you can't even feed 2 people from the dollar menu for that cheap! We love it and had it last night and in fact I will probably eat the last piece for lunch soon!

2. My baby is a jumping bean.  We have a jumperoo and as soon as he gets his little legs in it he starts bobbing up and down sining to me.  He's doing it right now and it is so funny! He has the craziest little voice, I can't wait for him to start talking.  I need to get a video of all the cuteness.   Soon my friends, soon!

3.  I am a lazy slob.  I have not been to the gym in weeks.  Even worse I started P90X and was so sore after the first day I all but gave up.  I keep promising myself to get back to it but I just don't.  I know I need some physical activity in my day and I don;t think hauling around a 20 lb baby is cutting it.  I hope putting it out here will hold me a little more accountable.  Probably not though seeing as how number 1 above established my love of cheesy pizza goodness. Oh boy

Ok folks this child is pretend coughing which is usually his way of getting my attention so we can get out of the bouncer.  I am off! Hope you have a great weekend!

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