Thursday, January 26, 2012

New year, new goals, new life

Wow this year has gotten off to a great start- insert sarcasm here!  Not only have we been blessed with 2 hernias- 1 for The Hubs and 1 for The Baby- but we also failed miserably at keeping our new year's resolutions.  My number 1 was to get on board with blogging at least once a week if not more.  We can all see how that worked out for me!

Let's back the train up for just a minute so we can catch up with where we derailed back in July.  I guess you can assume that I am no longer pregnant and if I still were I would be one cranky B!  Thankfully our little peanut arrived safe and healthy on August 1.  He was a whopping 9 lbs 7 oz and before you ask YES I delivered him naturally and vaginally.  He is growing like a weed (side not I hated when my mom used to say that when we were growing up) and is quickly approaching his half birthday.  Just this past weekend he broke his first tooth! Cue sad faces that my baby is not so baby anymore.  We have been adjusting or trying to adjust to life with a baby and some of it is great and other moments I could skip.  For example I love his precious little face when he first wakes up and he scrunches his nose, too cute for words. However, I could do without that face happening at 5:40 am in my bed every day.  Yes he sleeps in bed with us and no that wasn't my plan.  No I will not let him cry it out and yes I will let him sleep with me until he's 3 if that is what it takes.  Haha can you tell we get asked a lot of the same questions over and over again?  Anyway he is a beautiful, happy, well adjusted little guy and I love spending every minute of my day with him.  So far our days have consisted of hanging out and playing and occasionally leaving the house, although that doesn't happen often and it's usually just to go grocery shopping (BORING).  I still struggle with making it all happen- cleaning the house, cooking dinner, working out etc but I think that I will probably never figure out how to do it all, I'll just learn what's important and what can be left for another day.

This post isn't supposed to catch me up with the last 6 months but I figured I would make an honest effort to post more and I plan on doing a monthly post for the last 6 months catching everything up.  One thing at a time right? I also realized that having this blog be my own voice is important, I think the last few posts I was trying to write what I thought people would want to read.  Let me be clear here I am sarcastic, sometimes bitchy and hopefully funny and if that offends people then they shouldn't read this. I sometimes share too much information but it's me and it's real and when I look back 10 years from now I hope that I have no regrets.

Thanks for reading!

Heres a picture of the cutest baby ever (imo at least)

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