Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Workout- 40 minutes on the arc machine on level 15(lowest resistance) alternating elevation. 20 minute arm strength routine.

I decided that I will add my daily workouts to the top of the page from now on.  I think when I look back post baby or perhaps pregnant with my second baby and see how active I was into this pregnancy it will keep me motivated.  I also don't know if I am the type of person who takes pictures of what they eat everyday but I might try it eventually.  It's boring because I tend to eat a lot of the same things, especially for breakfast and lunch so I am on my own for those meals.  I don't put much effort into either meal but I always go all out for dinner for hubs and I.  I will think about it.

I figured this week I would just spout random info especially since I haven't figured out how to create separate tabs for info like weight loss journey etc.

1.  I was married December 11, 2009 which was my 25th birthday.  We had a relatively short engagement because initially we had planned on a destination wedding in Jamaica.  We got engaged April 2009 during Easter weekend and had set an original wedding date of May 19, 2010.  Things got hectic trying to please everyone in the family so I quit.  Instead we got married by a Justice of the Peace in PA so that everyone in the family could attend.  Then we had a small dinner party.  No dancing no fuss.  We had cake and a nice quiet time with everyone.  We plan on having a big destination vowel renewal someday.

my sisters, mom and i

 we did it!

2.  I love to bake.  I know a lot of people say this but when I lost my job this past February everyone in my family called to tell me I should start at an home baking and candy company.  My family has a lot of candy making traditions and everyone who eats our candy loves it.  In PA there is not really a market for it because everyone makes it but here in Baltimore I could probably find a decent clientele.  It's a lot of work to consider starting a business even a small one and it's not something I am entirely ready to tackle. Hubby on the other hand wanted me to finally take the time to write the book I have started and never finished.  One of my dreams in life was to write a book.  I have had small things published and for some reason the thought of truly pursuing a book scares the hell out of me.  Hopefully after this kid arrives I can figure out the next step in my life.  

3.  Hubby and I love Disney.  Not just a little but A LOT.  When we first started dating we realized visiting Disney was something we both loved and took full advantage of it.  In our first 5 years together we managed to take a trip every year even if for only a few days.  We have some of our best memories together at the parks.  We even chose Disney as our honeymoon destination and had the best time together.  I tell everyone especially those who have never gone that it is a magical place no matter what age you are.  December 2010 we took another trip to Disney (our second trip in 2010) to visit my sister who was living and working there as part of the college intern program.  It was probably not my favorite trip since I had just found out I was pregnant and couldn't ride many things.  As disappointing as it was to not ride my favorite amusements I will never forget the joy and excitement of telling my mom and sister we were expecting.  Disney will always hold a special place in our hearts and we are already planning a trip with baby S!

 trip in 2006

 may 2010

 may 2010

Well I think that's it for today.  I am not feeling super great.  I've been having more contractions than normal so hopefully that means baby wants to come sooner or later!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Major Milestone- 35 and 35

Today marks a huge milestone in my pregnancy journey.  Today I am officially 35 weeks pregnant with a mere 35 days left until my due date.  When I first found out I was pregnant this day seemed to be decades away but it has arrived so quickly.  I am ecstatic that we have made it this far with a relatively easy pregnancy(knock on wood).  I can't believe that in just a month we will have our beautiful baby in our arms.  WOW!  Pregnancy just goes so unbelievably quickly and I wish when I first found out that I had taken more time to enjoy the little moments.  Sometimes I think about rewinding the clock and starting all over again.  It just is a miracle that I could create this little human!

I feel good this week so far.  I got back to the gym yesterday and today after having almost 2 weeks off.  It felt good to get moving again.  I notice on the days I work out I sleep a little better and I feel like I waddle less and have less aches.  I am going to go to the gym as long as I physically can.  Until the doctor tells me it's no longer safe I will keep at it.  I know it will help with labor and recovery postpartum so I hope I can keep it up.  Plans for tonight include tacos/taco salad for dinner and hopefully a quiet walk with the hubs and the pups.  I went out to a movie with a woman that Tom used to work with yesterday and afterwards we met up with Tom for dinner.  We saw Bridesmaids, which I hate to admit I really didn't care for.  Everyone raved about it and then I was totally disappointed since it wasn't nearly as funny as I hoped it would be.  We had dinner at Cheesecake Factory which we love but it's a far drive just for an everyday dinner.  It was nice to catch up with Jen and get to talk about all kinds of gossip.  I have been feeling lonely lately since it seems that most of my friends are having busy summers so it was nice to feel like I had a friend.  The nice thing about Jen is that she works nights 3 days on and 3 days off.  So I know that I can usually catch her at least once a week to hang out and she's very relaxed like me.  We can just have lunch or shop and it not be a big deal.  Overall a nice start to my week but I stayed up later than I probably should have and the bags under my eyes today are proof.

Since this is my big milestone I will leave you all with a pic of the belly from Sunday while I was at the hubby's office!

34 Weeks (a week late)

How Far Along: 34 weeks

Gender: still a boy

Size of baby: according to what to expect he is the size of a cantaloupe about 22 inches and 5.5 lbs.  last week at the doctors he estimated the baby to be about 5 lbs so that sounds right. 

Total Weight Gained: Who knows and I am trying not to focus on this in the last few weeks since I have let it stress me out a little.  Gotta keep telling myself that if I lost 120+ lbs I can lose a few after the baby gets here!

Maternity Clothes: These week I have been wearing all sundresses or running shorts.  It's a good thing I don't have a job because I would look like a slob. 

Movement: Oh this is one of the best parts of my day.  I feel like a jungle gym for the little guy but I love it.  It's crazy when Tom and I lie in bed and just watch him rolling all over the place.  It's amazing.

Sleep: Still not getting the best night's sleep but have been able to nap during the day here and there which definitely helps.  I also realized that if I spend a little time reading before bed it takes me far less time to fall asleep.  I have had a hard time shutting my brain off lately though, still thinking about what needs done in the next 5 weeks.

What I miss: Hmm, being able to keep up with everyone else.  I have been battling a sickness this week which meant no gym.  Just taking a week off has significantly lowered my tolerance for exercise.  Just walking around the mall today I was feeling tired.  Could be the sickness too I guess.

Cravings: Still on a fruit kick.  Otherwise I have been loving lemonade again and pasta which is weird since I am not normally a huge fan of pasta. 

Aversions: Veggies haha.  I eat salads almost everyday but they just aren't what I want to eat.  I kinda force myself so I make sure I get the nutrients but if I didn't have to eat them I would skip them.  Even corn on the cob doesn't sound appealing to me.

Symptoms: Same as always.  Contractions but that's about it.  No leg cramps, no constipation, no heartburn, no swelling. I feel really lucky since this pregnancy has gone so well.  The doctor always comments on my lack of symptoms haha.  Baby kicking is a symptom though and believe me I feel that!

Best Moment this Week: Realizing we are in the 30+ day range.  It's crazy that at one point we had 186 days to go and as of today we only have 37 days left.  It just seems like a miracle that I created a person in just 9 short months.  It's amazing what a body can do.

We had a decent week.  Hubby worked ALL day Monday.  He thought he might only have ended up going in for a few hours but it turned out to be a full day.  It bummed me out because I am by myself all week and look forward to having him for those 3 days.  The rest of the week was kinda lame since I wasn't feeling well. I was having a summer cold which is miserable.  It sucks when the weather  gets nice and you get sick, it has happened to me almost every summer though so I just roll with it.  I just rested as much as I could and drank lots of fluids.  Not much else you can do.  I did work my way through all through Stieg Larsson books.  I kept myself entertained with the books and HBO on demand.  I rewatched some series(Big Love, True Blood, etc).  Thursday I had to go in for jury duty and sit around all day, what a waste of a day.  Kinda cool to see the process but a pain especially if you didn't get picked for a jury.  Yesterday the husband and I took back some stuff that we bought for the babies room that I ended up not liking once I saw it in the room.  I hate going to the mall on a Saturday so I was a little cranky.  Today we did more shopping.  Running around trying to finish baby stuff and getting things for my hospital bag (face wash, etc).

I still feel like we have a lot to do but I am probably just making more work for myself.  I made a list of things I want to stockpile in the house for after baby arrives so I know I have shopping to do.  I want to make sure we have shampoo/toiletries and paper towels and toilet paper so that I don't have to run around for that stuff after he gets here.  Not to mention I have a huge list of foods that I want to cook in the next few weeks in double so I can freeze some.  I am crazy but I want to be able to have easy lunches and dinner for hubby when he goes back to work.  I'm sure this is all part of nesting but it's irritating because it's little stuff but it all adds up to a lot of work for me.  Hubs thinks I'm crazy but he is the one who buys the wrong stuff when I send him so that's probably why I have such anxiety about having it all before we go into the hospital.

We have our next appointment on Friday and this will be my first internal exam so I am a little nervous but excited to see if things are moving along yet.  I don't think this boy will come any earlier than our due date but if he did I wouldn't complain.  I love having him inside me growing and moving but part of me is ready to hold him and have my body back. 

Well folks that's it for today!
Belly Pics for the week

BTW this is late because today I am actually 35 weeks, but my new (refurbished Iphone) was eating the pictures and not letting me upload them. BOOO

Friday, June 24, 2011

Furbaby Fridays

I wanted to talk about my first babies in a post all their own.  I love my dogs.  It's kinda creepy actually but my whole family is obsessed with dogs(their own and mine).  Tom and I got Sophie in November 2007.  She was our first baby together and a big step in our relationship.  Moving in together was a big deal but getting a dog was way bigger.  It was something we stressed about for a long time, we went back and forth about it but in the end Tom bought Sophie for me as a birthday present.  I looked online at breeders for a long time and actually wanted a different dog.  By the time we contacted the breeder the other dog was already sold.  Sophie was my second choice but she has turned out to be the best dog.
She is a long haired minature dacshund and is sable colored.  She has the best demeanor and is so laid back.  I love everything about her.  She has these huge fuzzy paws and the most expressive eyes.  I really truly love this dog and I know people say that about their pets but she is my first baby and always will be.  She was less than a year old when she was hit by a car.  She was actually in Pittsburgh staying with my family while Tom and I were on our first real vacation together when it happened.  She got out of their yard and ran into a main intersection on a busy road.  The person didn't see her and didn't stop even after they hit her.  It was terrifying for my mom and she still cries about it when she talks about it.  She had to call me to break the news and was so upset it scared the crap out of me.  My mom has never been that upset about anything.  Luckily we were back from vacation so we were able to drive up to PA in the middle of the night to make a decision about what steps to take.  It never crossed my mind to put a puppy to sleep so we opted for surgeries.  A lot of surgeries.  Her back end was completely smashed and basically her hips and back legs were shattered.  They repaired the best they could with pins and screws but weren't sure if there was nerve damage in both legs and whether she would ever walk.  She had the initial surgeries in PA and then we brought her back to Baltimore where she started therapy(water therapy, sonograms, and lots of stretching) but she never regained feeling in her right leg and was beginning to chew on her foot because of the lack of sensation.  We finally opted to remove the leg and have never regretted the decision.  She gets around like a normal dog and everyone who meets us says they didn't even realize she was missing a leg.  It was definitely a hard decision for us to make to go through so many surgeries because the downtime was hard and the money was tight.  We call her our million dollar baby.  People still look shocked when I say that in total with therapy (which was not cheap) that we spent $15k on a dog that only cost us $1500.  I can never justify it to anyone but if you have a pet you love more than yourself you would understand. 

We started talking about a second dog shortly after Sophie turned 2.  She loves her puppy companions at my moms house and we knew that she would love to have a built in puppy friend.  We considered buying another puppy but realized that there are a ton of dogs that need homes at the shelters.  We went to the shelters every weekend for a long time trying to find a good dog to bring into our little family.  Unfortunately here in Baltimore a lot of the abandoned dogs are big, much too big for my tiny house and we really wanted a smaller dog that would be on Sophie's playing level since she cannot jump at all without a back leg. Eventually we found Remington.  He was a baby when someone dropped him off at the shelter, only about 3 months old.  When we adopted him he was only 5 months old and I instantly regretted the decision.  A puppy is a lot of work especially when you already have 1 dog and both work.  It took a really long time for us to settle into a family of four.  
Don't get me wrong he was adorable but he was really hard to manage(and still is).  I think he was abused and spending time in a shelter at a young age with all the other dogs probably didn't help.  He is really weird around other dogs and strangers.  He yelps like he is being hurt and we have tried everything to alleviate the yelping and anxiety in him but have had no luck  thus far.  We aren't giving up  and never would.  We love him now and wouldn't ever think of getting rid of him.  He is definitely a mommy's boy and adores snuggling with me, but he isn't the biggest fan of Tom.  He wedges himself between the two of us whenever he can and doesn't like kisses from the dad, mom only.  He loves Sophie though and  she loves him too.  They wrestle and play together usually for an hour or so each morning and evening and then they retire to separate corners for naps.  They took awhile to warm to one another but now when I see them cuddled up sleeping together I can't help but smile.  My two babies together loving one another.  It will be interesting to see how our dynamic changes with a baby in the picture but I know no matter what our family will survive. 

this is the worst pic of me but it's my 3 babies in one shot!

Three Things Thursday

Yes I know it's Friday but I was stuck in jury selection all day yesterday and I have yet to figure out how to post things for a later time.  Oh well.  I have seen this Three Things Thursday on other blogs and thought it would be a fun way for me to tell everyone about myself without having 10 about me posts.  Those are weird and I feel like I don't have that much to say but want a way for people to get to know me.

Here goes.
1.  I don't love working out.  I know that is probably a lame confession since I am sure there are other people who also don't love it.  I do it because I know it's good for me but honestly there are some days when I would rather plant my behind on the couch.  This week for example I have not worked out once.  Granted most people say "You're 34 weeks pregnant you worked out more pregnant than most non pregnant people" but I beat myself up about it and that's probably why I don't love it.  I also know that the feeling after I work out sometimes makes up for the fact that I don't always love doing it.

2.  I was obsessive when I was losing weight.  I was a strict calorie counter and would refuse to eat something if I couldn't find the nutritional info on it.   This meant for almost a year I pretty much never left my house or ate anything I didn't cook.  That's sick and when I got pregnant it freaked me out.  I was worried about gaining the weight back and I still struggle with it somedays, especially weigh ins at the doctor's office.  I am learning to let go and realize that health is more than a number on a scale and I need to have a balanced life of eating good and not so good foods!

3.  My family is sickeningly close.  I have 2 sisters (one who will be 25 in August, and one who is 35) and a brother (who is 37).  All 3 of us girls are super close.  I talk to them each at least 2-3 times a week and we text and facebook a lot more than is normal.  My sisters and I are much closer to each other and our mom than our brother but I think that's a boy thing.  Our dad passed away almost 12 years ago so I think having a single parent for awhile made us appreciate her a lot more as well as each other.  We have been through some crazy stuff together and I love them dearly.  It makes it hard living 4 hours away.
This was the fam at my wedding. 

This is the extended fam on my mom's wedding day.  She remarried about 3 years ago and he has 2 sons from previous marriages. 

The family situation could be a 3 page explanation and was probably the wrong thing to choose for a 3 things Thursday.  My mom is one of 12 siblings (again who are all really close to one another) and each of the siblings has at least 3 children.  Now those children are having children and even their children are old enough to now have kids.  It's fun and makes for really big (over 100 people) family reunions.  This was overwhelming for my hubby because he has a tiny family and he still doesn't love coming to family functions.  It makes me want a huge family though so I have to talk him into having more babies!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What a day!

Today has turned out to be quite eventful.  This morning I stayed in bed until 11.  Oh the joys of being pregnant and unemployed.  It was nice to be able to play catch up on sleep since as soon as I found out I was pregnant sleep was nonexistent.  It still alludes me most nights and even this morning I tossed and turned with the puppies for 3 hours.  It's not restful sleep and boy I can not wait for my first real good sleep but that could be another 18 years before that happens haha!

After lounging in bed with these two faces I took them out in the sweltering already 90 degree weather.  One thing they forget to tell you about pregnancy is that you have no self cooling mechanism any longer.  After I lost 120 lbs I was always cold even in the summer but that has all ended. I am hot 24 hours a day now.  I can't sleep in pants or with a blanket and most days less clothes= better!  Walking the dogs is tedious these days because Remi(my white fluff ball) is a maniac.  He is scared of everything or wants to attack it all.  This morning it was the guys clipping the lawns and using the leaf blowers.  I usually have to pick him up which is not fun.  Sophie (my three legged weiner) is just as bad.  This weather is too hot for her lazy bum so she will plant her behind in a shady spot and refuse to move which results in me carrying her part of the way home!  I can only imagine what will happen when I have to walk the baby and the beasts?

After the walk I had to convince myself to go grocery shopping.  I loathe grocery shopping, probably in part because we shop at Walmart(blech!) and that place is full of crazies.  Our food situation was looking desperate though- no milk, no bread, no fresh fruits or veggies.  It makes cooking for a preggars much more difficult.  Regardless I trekked to Walmart and spent my savings account on hopefully 2 weeks worth of groceries and stopped at Chick Fil A for lunch- their diet lemonade is the bees knees!

Now I am home installing my Iphone that just arrived since I dropped mine in the toilet last Thursday.  Seriously I have been phoneless for 6 days and it was rough.  Once you get a droid or Iphone you become dependent, it's actually scary.  I just got a call from my momma that my little sister's car caught on fire.  The fun never ends.  Hopefully the hubby will appease me with a quick dinner and a movie tonight?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 1

This is a little scary.  Putting my life out there on the web and hoping that someone will read it.  I guess this has been a long time coming.  At least my husband thinks so.  I have been an avid blog reader for a year now and every time I would mention someone's blog he would give me a blank stare.  I guess hearing about the lives of people you don't know isn't the husband's cup of tea.  What can you do?  We can't all be blog obsessed.  I guess this is a good place to introduce myself and explain what I hope this blog can evolve into.

My name is Juliene.  I am a 26 year old soon to be mommy- very soon- our baby #1 is due August 2, 2011.     I am currently unemployed by no choice of my own but have been living it up enjoying the time at home getting ready for baby.  My husband and I have been together for almost 7 years, we met my freshman year of college and the rest is history as they say.  We got engaged right around our 5 year anniversary and got married 6 months later in December 2009.  We went to college in Southwestern Pennsylvania and then moved to the Baltimore area after graduation(he in 2006 and me a year later).  Our lives are pretty normal- as normal as anyone can be!  We have 2 dogs that we love like children and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first baby boy.

How the blog came to be is a whole different story.  In July 2009 with our wedding fast approaching I decided it was time to get healthy and fit.  I started a diet and exercise regime on July 1 and haven't looked back yet.  At my highest weight that July I was 273 lbs which is considered obese for my 5 foot 9 inch frame.  I started watching what I ate and working out everyday and have lost over 120 lbs weighing in at 150 lbs pre pregnancy.  I used and truly feel like it was a life changer for me.  Over the course of my weight loss I started reading healthy living blogs and changed the way I ate based on seeing more "real" foods.  I stopped focusing on diet foods and was able to maintain my weight loss.  I ran my first half marathon in October 2010 about 3 weeks before finding out we were expecting.  I never thought in a million years I could be the "skinny friend" or a "runner" and have proven myself wrong.  I hope to use the blog as a means to continue exploring healthy living as a new mom.  Even more importantly I want to use the blog as a way to document my new life as a mom and wife.  I know it won't always be easy and glamorous and that's why I called it a case of the Mom-days.  We all have bad days and I want to be real about them.  Obviously it won't all be bad so I hope that sharing my life good, bad, or ugly will show what it's like to be a real Mom!