Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby #2- 20 week update

How Far Along:20 weeks

Gender: just found out last week it's a boy!

Size of baby: what to expect says that he is the size of a mango or about 10 oz and 6.5 inches.  

Total Weight Gained: so far 16 lbs which is more than i would like to have but im trying to just go with the flow.

Maternity Clothes: none yet.  my jeans still fit and ive been wearing tights or leggings pretty often
Movement: yes lots, it's so amazing to feel this time around since last time i wasn't 100% sure if it was movement or gas haha.  hubs has even felt the little guy squirming around.

Sleep: well this is a sore subject in our house.  if i fall asleep its so early and then i pee 10 times during the night which is a pain and wake up so early because of a sore back.  also nathaniel is getting 2 teeth so he has been waking up screaming at least once a night.  not the best for any of us.
What I miss: being able to eat a cold turkey sandwich.  i miss the ease of a quick lunch for me and the munchkin
Cravings: i dont think i have real craving yet just more or less things that taste better than others.  currently orange juice tastes like liquid gold and i have really been into salty foods- popcorn, pickles, olives, salads with caesar dressing.  i also really want watermelon but cant justify the cost.
Aversions: chicken, i cant stand the thought of cooking it or eating it
Symptoms: just a little heartburn, nothing major.

Best Moment this Week: getting confirmation that it is indeed another little boy. asking nathaniel is he is excited for a baby brother

here are the pics for the week


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