Friday, August 10, 2012

Swimming day

Since we have been here in Pittsburgh we have laid pretty low.  It's nice to just spend some time with my family and relax.  We have been going out to lunch and hanging out with the boys.  On Tuesday we took the boys to Eat N Park because my nephew Max loves their broccoli soup haha.  Afterwards we all went swimming.  We had both of my nephews and my niece Alyssa, both my sisters, my mom, myself and the baby.  It was fun to get in the pool and play around.  The weather hasn't been great this week so 1 day in the pool for me was better than none.  Today it was only like 70 degrees, which felt great but also meant we didn't want to do anything haha.  Here are some pics from our swim party

we bought the baby this new raft so that I could take it with us to Florida next month.  He doesn't seem crazy about the pool yet

Alyssa is jealous of the baby and wanted us to take him out of the raft so she could get in

cutie pie max

Pete showing off his snorkeling skills

max again

handsome boy

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