Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ending the blog hiatus

I guess it's about time to end my self induced blog hiatus.  Somewhere along the way while growing a healthy baby boy while watching a crazy almost 2 year old I just ran out of time and energy to try and blog.  That being said I definitely miss having something that is just mine.  Being a stay at home mom is satisfying in ways I never imagined but it doesn't mean that I don't still want or need something all my own to keep my sanity.  Reading and writing has always been "my thing" so I'm hoping to be able to get my thoughts out here and hopefully gain some readers with my incredible wit and sarcasm, ha ha ha!

So when I last left off I was growing boy number 2 so its time to announce that he has arrived.  Jackson Ellis arrived healthy and happy 2 weeks early on May 23, 2013.  He weighed in at 8 lbs 3 oz and 20.5 inches.  He was a full pound lighter than his big brother which shocked all of us, even if he had cooked 2 weeks longer I can't imagine he would have been over 9 lbs.  We had an amazingly different birthing experience than we had with Nathaniel and although I still didn't have the birth I planned for I still ended up with a healthy baby.  Maybe if I can get my stuff together I will write down Jackson's birth story.  I have been trying very hard to do the same stuff I did for Nathaniel for him so he doesn't grow up with that whole "Nathaniel got everything, I got nothing" attitude.  Easier said than done but writing the birth story and taking a few more pictures can't hurt!
first pics of mom and her boy

daddy holding his son for the first time

Other than trying to adjust to a new family of four I have been keeping myself busy with visitors.  We had the hubs mom here to stay with Nathaniel while we were in the hospital and she stayed for a week after we came home from the hospital.  Then we had my sister and her boyfriend visit for a night and then finally my mom came and stayed for a week.  I have been blessed to have the hubs home for a full 6 weeks as well and he returns to work this week.  I say blessed but really there were days that he was more work than he was helpful.  I think I might have said "I wish you were at work" more than a handful of times, haha, poor guy had to deal with a sleep deprived wife and a rambunctious 2 year old.  In all seriousness he used his time off to get a bunch of house related stuff done (refinishing our shitty, splinter inducing deck, replacing our front storm door as well as all of the wood around it, etc) as well as go on adventures with Nathaniel.  They went to DC for a day, went to the local railroad museum, spent a day playing at the mall, and other fun shenanigans while I stayed home breastfeeding the new guy.

Nathaniel meeting his baby brother

trying to get a pic of our new family was harder than I thought it would be

Otherwise we have been just trying to get as much sleep as we can and staying cool since it has been HOT here.  I wish I had more exciting things to share but right now life is pretty dull.  I know that once Tom is back at work and I am the sole entertainer that I will have to find things for Nathaniel to do so our days will be a little more exciting.  Hopefully then I will have more to share. 
Oh on a random note I am posting on a moms blog about life after babies and getting your body back so hopefully that will direct some new readers here!
I promise I won't wait 2 months to write again!


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