Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week 38- Still no baby

Hi friends, 

Well I am still pregnant and actually am in week 39 as of yesterday. We have 6 days till our due date and I still can't believe how time has flown by, does everyone say that? I know I have said it over and over again but truly it still amazes me. Hubby and I will be lying around and suddenly he'll look over and say "Doesn't it feel like we just found out about this baby?" It's true and it makes me nervous for how fast these first few weeks, months and years will fly by. At my doctor's appointment last Tuesday things were still status quo. I was still at a 3 but my cervix had thinned a good amount. The doctor did strip my membranes and although I did have an increase in contractions it did not bring on full labor. Go figure it works for 7/10 women but not me! It's kinda okay that baby is being stubborn though. My mom is planning on coming down for the arrival so that we have some help at home but she watches a special needs child 1 week every summer and of course that's where she;ll be until this coming Saturday night. The earliest she could be here in Maryland is Sunday afternoon so I am hoping baby can stay in until at least then so that I can rest easy knowing mom will be here when we bring him home. 

This past weekend we just hung out and wrapped up some last minute stuff. Hubby lucked out and had Friday-Monday off so it was nice for us to actually have a weekend together. He went and saw Captain America on Friday and of course loved it, he was dying to talk to me about it but I'm sure you can all agree if you haven't seen the movie it's like listening to rambling. Haha. We finally finished hanging the curtains and valances in the nursery and touched up the paint in our living room. Sunday we hung at the pool for a few hours and it was nice. I love being able to float and would love to spend the next week just floating around. We did pretty much the same on Monday but also threw in a trip to Borders. The deals were not good so it was kind of a waste of a drive since the closest store is a good 20 minutes away. You live and you learn, but that's a word of advice for any of you looking for deals, wait a few more weeks until they increase the percent off. At most it was 40% and it wasn't on much. Also the online deals for Borders are much better. I went to the gym Monday and Tuesday because everyone keeps saying that I will be doing so much sitting over the next few weeks that I should enjoy whatever activity I can. I would have gone today but I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment that got rescheduled again and by the time I found out I was not in the mood to go and sweat it out. Haha. So no doctor update today since the doctor has 5 labors going on today! Holy cow right. I would complain but I know that it will be me any day and I'm sure I will be messing with someone else's schedule. 

Hmm, let's see I think that's about it this week. I have been working on writing a letter to the baby to give them someday when they are older. I want to document this time when I had them to myself and want him to know how much I loved and cared for him during these 9 months. I think it will be special(probably more special if the baby were a girl, women love that stuff more than men) but I want hubby to write one too. We will see if we can get him on board! 

Ok ladies, hopefully the next time I write to you I will have a baby update! 

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