Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday- What I love edition

Workout- 30 minutes arc trainer- 20 minute arm strength routine

I have seen some blogs floating around about things people are currently loving so I am running with that theme tonight, mostly because I am too tired to come up with anything original.

Current obsessions
1.  Watermelon and corn on the cob- not together obviously but I think I have eaten 6 ears of corn and an entire watermelon since Sunday.  I love it.  Summer food is so much better than winter food but I might just be saying that since it's summer.  Come back in December and I will probably be loving on macaroni and cheese and hot chocolate!

2. Spending cuddly mornings in bed with my two furchildren.  We don't let them sleep with us but hubby leaves for work at an ungodly hour and since I get to sleep in he usually walks them and then brings them to lie with me.  It has become some of the best moments of my day.  I usually wake up with Remi right near my head and Sophie curled up at my waist. I love my babies and know that once the real baby arrives these special moments will be harder to come by.  I hope they don't feel too jealous!
wouldn't you love waking up to this face?

 my two babies in bed with me.

3. Pandora on my iPhone.  I never used Pandora until the last month.  At my old job we couldn't stream anything from the internet since none of us had speakers or the capabilities for head phones.  I used my iPod and a docking station and that worked fine but ohh now that I have been exposed to the wonders of Pandora I will never look back.  I am obsessed and listen to it all the time.  I discovered it on a trip to Pittsburgh because driving through the mountains with patchy radio stations gets old as does making the hubby listen to 4 hours of Justin Bieber from my iPod.  Luckily for him I found a station of hard rock that he likes so I plug him in and then I take a nap haha.  Now I use Pandora all day, while I'm cleaning, while I'm at the gym, driving around in my car(my car has the sync technology) and I can't imagine life without it. My favorite stations right now are Summer hits of the 90's, Summer hits of the 2000's and Glee.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Other than my Thursday things I have my next baby doc appointment tomorrow morning and I hoping for some dilation progress.  Wish me luck!!

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