Sunday, July 17, 2011

week 37- still no baby

How Far Along: 37 weeks 

Gender: this cracks me up every week- he isn't changing sexes I hope 

Size of baby: watermelon- 22 inches 6.5 lbs 

Total Weight Gained: right at 30 but again I am trying not to focus on the number, i have a healthy baby in there 

Maternity Clothes: still living in sundresses, i will say i am proud of the fact that i didnt outgrow any of the maternity clothes i did buy. i know some women do. 

Movement: moving a lot but also having longer rest periods. the doctor says that he is already mimicking life outside the womb, so hell have active periods and nap times too. 

Sleep: crazily enough I have been getting really good sleep lately. i think my mind can rest a little easier now that most of the stuff on the list is done. there are still things that im sure i could do to be better ready for the baby but i am just kinda over it. i will take the full nights rest and not complain! 

What I miss: This week i dont miss too much but i am looking forward to being somewhat thin again. having so many nice pairs of shorts that i cant really wear this summer was a bummer so hopefully in a few weeks i can squeeze back into them! 

Cravings: Fruit- watermelon and grapes especially. Total raisin bran. cereal of any kinda really. eggs, broccoli, corn on the cob. 

Aversions: still not really eating meat, i dont have much of an appetite to begin with so i try and eat what really is good and will be most nutritious. 

Symptoms: contractions- a lot of them, a few other things that could be labor related but since we haven't gone into full blown labor yet we will just chalk it up to normal pregnancy stuff! 

Best Moment this Week: Hubby and I had a date night last night just in case it's out last weekend as a twosome. It was nice to sit back and relax and talk about this incredible journey so far. Everytime he looks at my belly he makes a comment about when we told everyone we were pregnant back in December. It's amazing to think about how fast life has changed and how much more it will changed. I think as much as he is scared that he doesn't know much about babies he is starting to get really excited. It's fun. 

This week has been interesting. Friday I was having a ton of contractions and was worried I was going into labor. I tried to relax as much as possible but got the last minute stuff here at the house done, ie laundry put away etc. Tom also packed his hospital bag and installed the car seat just in case. Luckily when he left for work I was able to just lie around on the couch with the dogs and the contractions eased up. I have had more and more contractions everyday but nothing on a set schedule yet so I don't think we are quite ready for the hospital. I want to try and hang out at home until the last possible minute because lying around an uncomfortable hospital is far less appealing than lying in my own house with the dogs. I don't know if the baby has dropped yet or not because my belly looks the same to me and hubby is clueless. I have my appointment tomorrow afternoon and they are stripping my membranes so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that sends us into labor. When my sister had it done she went into labor the next evening so you never know. Honestly if the baby wants to stay in until his due date at this point it's fine with me. I've made it this far 2 weeks won't kill me and really I am not in pain at all, have no swelling and have had a pretty easy pregnancy so there's no reason to force him out any faster than he wants to. I guess the doctor figures since we are already so far dilated that maybe little one is ready to join us. 

Date night was fun, we went to a hibachi restaurant so that hubs could get some sushi. I barely touched my food. I think I have finally reached the point in pregnancy where no food is appealing and the food that is appealing fills me up so much faster. I am making sure to eat enough I just have to spread it out over a long period now. Works for me I guess. I think that's it for this week, I will keep you all updated once I get home from the doctor tomorrow or if baby arrives! 

Belly Shots 

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