Friday, June 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Yes I know it's Friday but I was stuck in jury selection all day yesterday and I have yet to figure out how to post things for a later time.  Oh well.  I have seen this Three Things Thursday on other blogs and thought it would be a fun way for me to tell everyone about myself without having 10 about me posts.  Those are weird and I feel like I don't have that much to say but want a way for people to get to know me.

Here goes.
1.  I don't love working out.  I know that is probably a lame confession since I am sure there are other people who also don't love it.  I do it because I know it's good for me but honestly there are some days when I would rather plant my behind on the couch.  This week for example I have not worked out once.  Granted most people say "You're 34 weeks pregnant you worked out more pregnant than most non pregnant people" but I beat myself up about it and that's probably why I don't love it.  I also know that the feeling after I work out sometimes makes up for the fact that I don't always love doing it.

2.  I was obsessive when I was losing weight.  I was a strict calorie counter and would refuse to eat something if I couldn't find the nutritional info on it.   This meant for almost a year I pretty much never left my house or ate anything I didn't cook.  That's sick and when I got pregnant it freaked me out.  I was worried about gaining the weight back and I still struggle with it somedays, especially weigh ins at the doctor's office.  I am learning to let go and realize that health is more than a number on a scale and I need to have a balanced life of eating good and not so good foods!

3.  My family is sickeningly close.  I have 2 sisters (one who will be 25 in August, and one who is 35) and a brother (who is 37).  All 3 of us girls are super close.  I talk to them each at least 2-3 times a week and we text and facebook a lot more than is normal.  My sisters and I are much closer to each other and our mom than our brother but I think that's a boy thing.  Our dad passed away almost 12 years ago so I think having a single parent for awhile made us appreciate her a lot more as well as each other.  We have been through some crazy stuff together and I love them dearly.  It makes it hard living 4 hours away.
This was the fam at my wedding. 

This is the extended fam on my mom's wedding day.  She remarried about 3 years ago and he has 2 sons from previous marriages. 

The family situation could be a 3 page explanation and was probably the wrong thing to choose for a 3 things Thursday.  My mom is one of 12 siblings (again who are all really close to one another) and each of the siblings has at least 3 children.  Now those children are having children and even their children are old enough to now have kids.  It's fun and makes for really big (over 100 people) family reunions.  This was overwhelming for my hubby because he has a tiny family and he still doesn't love coming to family functions.  It makes me want a huge family though so I have to talk him into having more babies!

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