Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Workout- 40 minutes on the arc machine on level 15(lowest resistance) alternating elevation. 20 minute arm strength routine.

I decided that I will add my daily workouts to the top of the page from now on.  I think when I look back post baby or perhaps pregnant with my second baby and see how active I was into this pregnancy it will keep me motivated.  I also don't know if I am the type of person who takes pictures of what they eat everyday but I might try it eventually.  It's boring because I tend to eat a lot of the same things, especially for breakfast and lunch so I am on my own for those meals.  I don't put much effort into either meal but I always go all out for dinner for hubs and I.  I will think about it.

I figured this week I would just spout random info especially since I haven't figured out how to create separate tabs for info like weight loss journey etc.

1.  I was married December 11, 2009 which was my 25th birthday.  We had a relatively short engagement because initially we had planned on a destination wedding in Jamaica.  We got engaged April 2009 during Easter weekend and had set an original wedding date of May 19, 2010.  Things got hectic trying to please everyone in the family so I quit.  Instead we got married by a Justice of the Peace in PA so that everyone in the family could attend.  Then we had a small dinner party.  No dancing no fuss.  We had cake and a nice quiet time with everyone.  We plan on having a big destination vowel renewal someday.

my sisters, mom and i

 we did it!

2.  I love to bake.  I know a lot of people say this but when I lost my job this past February everyone in my family called to tell me I should start at an home baking and candy company.  My family has a lot of candy making traditions and everyone who eats our candy loves it.  In PA there is not really a market for it because everyone makes it but here in Baltimore I could probably find a decent clientele.  It's a lot of work to consider starting a business even a small one and it's not something I am entirely ready to tackle. Hubby on the other hand wanted me to finally take the time to write the book I have started and never finished.  One of my dreams in life was to write a book.  I have had small things published and for some reason the thought of truly pursuing a book scares the hell out of me.  Hopefully after this kid arrives I can figure out the next step in my life.  

3.  Hubby and I love Disney.  Not just a little but A LOT.  When we first started dating we realized visiting Disney was something we both loved and took full advantage of it.  In our first 5 years together we managed to take a trip every year even if for only a few days.  We have some of our best memories together at the parks.  We even chose Disney as our honeymoon destination and had the best time together.  I tell everyone especially those who have never gone that it is a magical place no matter what age you are.  December 2010 we took another trip to Disney (our second trip in 2010) to visit my sister who was living and working there as part of the college intern program.  It was probably not my favorite trip since I had just found out I was pregnant and couldn't ride many things.  As disappointing as it was to not ride my favorite amusements I will never forget the joy and excitement of telling my mom and sister we were expecting.  Disney will always hold a special place in our hearts and we are already planning a trip with baby S!

 trip in 2006

 may 2010

 may 2010

Well I think that's it for today.  I am not feeling super great.  I've been having more contractions than normal so hopefully that means baby wants to come sooner or later!

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