Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What a day!

Today has turned out to be quite eventful.  This morning I stayed in bed until 11.  Oh the joys of being pregnant and unemployed.  It was nice to be able to play catch up on sleep since as soon as I found out I was pregnant sleep was nonexistent.  It still alludes me most nights and even this morning I tossed and turned with the puppies for 3 hours.  It's not restful sleep and boy I can not wait for my first real good sleep but that could be another 18 years before that happens haha!

After lounging in bed with these two faces I took them out in the sweltering already 90 degree weather.  One thing they forget to tell you about pregnancy is that you have no self cooling mechanism any longer.  After I lost 120 lbs I was always cold even in the summer but that has all ended. I am hot 24 hours a day now.  I can't sleep in pants or with a blanket and most days less clothes= better!  Walking the dogs is tedious these days because Remi(my white fluff ball) is a maniac.  He is scared of everything or wants to attack it all.  This morning it was the guys clipping the lawns and using the leaf blowers.  I usually have to pick him up which is not fun.  Sophie (my three legged weiner) is just as bad.  This weather is too hot for her lazy bum so she will plant her behind in a shady spot and refuse to move which results in me carrying her part of the way home!  I can only imagine what will happen when I have to walk the baby and the beasts?

After the walk I had to convince myself to go grocery shopping.  I loathe grocery shopping, probably in part because we shop at Walmart(blech!) and that place is full of crazies.  Our food situation was looking desperate though- no milk, no bread, no fresh fruits or veggies.  It makes cooking for a preggars much more difficult.  Regardless I trekked to Walmart and spent my savings account on hopefully 2 weeks worth of groceries and stopped at Chick Fil A for lunch- their diet lemonade is the bees knees!

Now I am home installing my Iphone that just arrived since I dropped mine in the toilet last Thursday.  Seriously I have been phoneless for 6 days and it was rough.  Once you get a droid or Iphone you become dependent, it's actually scary.  I just got a call from my momma that my little sister's car caught on fire.  The fun never ends.  Hopefully the hubby will appease me with a quick dinner and a movie tonight?

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